Weddings at St. Mary's Church, Towyn



Parish Vestry Office Hours: Wednesday 7pm – 7.30 pm

To discuss weddings, baptisms (Christenings) and other pastoral matters.

Please telephone :

01745 355449 or
01492 512160
to make an appointment.


Priest in Charge:

Reverend Chris Feak.
 01745 353955

We look forward to seeing you!

Please note that if you wish to arrange Weddings you are invited to come to the Parish Office on Wednesday evenings between 7.00pm and 7.30pm to discuss the arrangements.

If you have decided to “tie the knot” – congratulations

If you are thinking of making your vows in a church, before God as well as before your family and friends, then we are weddingdoubly delighted and we hope that, if you live in Towyn or Kinmel Bay, or have a connection with St Mary’s, that you will choose our church for your big day!

The clergy of our ministry area are here to guide and advise you and on your wedding day, one of us will conduct the service, which is a public acknowledgement of your love for each other before your family and friends.  It is not the case that a church wedding is more expensive than a wedding elsewhere and below you can see what we charge.  Clergy of the Church in Wales are also registrars, so there is no need to have an additional registrar in attendance and our fees include registration, your marriage certificate and all legal fees.

Marriage Fees

*Please note that if you wish to have a video recording of your wedding, you will have to arrange a licence and the organist then receives £120.

Fee for reading of banns and issuing of a banns certificate when being married in another church: £40

Payment Details:


Deposit due at time of booking your wedding  £175

Further payment due 3 months before the date of the marriage £175

Balance payable at the latest by the date of the marriage rehearsal (and if by that date in cash)

The following is a brief guide to help in the planning of your very special day.
Formalities and legal requirements

The Church in Wales has its own rules and regulations and also acts as a legal representative of the State. For registration purposes, the following information is required from you as a couple:

  • Your full Christian names, address(es), ages and occupations.
  • Your fathers’ full names and occupations.
Banns of Marriage - the legal formalities

If either of you live in another parish, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get in touch with the vicar of that parish and request that banns be read in that parish. You must then obtain a banns certificate from that vicar. We require your banns certificate three weeks prior to your wedding. You cannot, by law, be married if a valid banns certificate is not produced, so this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. If it is necessary to read banns at a parish other than Towyn, a charge will be made by that parish (probably in the region of £30-40). If both of you are from Towyn or Kinmel Bay, then your banns will automatically be read in St Mary’s Church and the charge for this is included in the cost of your wedding.

In Towyn, banns are read in the parish church on the first three Sundays of the month which is two months before your wedding. For example, if the wedding date is in July, then the banns would be read in the first three Sundays of May. We really hope that you will come to church to hear your banns being read. This is a very special part of your preparation and is steeped in history. We, as a congregation, will be praying for you in the weeks leading up to your marriage and we would love to see you!

Your Wedding Service

A Wedding Service is an Act of Worship.  Therefore, the wedding party and guests should reflect the atmosphere of reverence. Please note that disorderly behaviour will not be tolerated and, should either of you be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance when you arrive for your wedding, the service cannot, by law, go ahead.


As there might be a wedding preceding or following your wedding, the bride needs to be punctual and the photographer needs to be aware of possible time limitations. To arrive deliberately late is discourteous to your guests and to those involved in your wedding, be they organist or clergy. The service itself usually lasts around 30 minutes.

The Service itself

When you come to book your wedding, you will be given a leaflet with further details about the service and how you can prepare for this. Bible readings are included in the service and if you have a friend or a member of the family, whom you would like to read the first lesson, this gives a very personal touch to your service. When you make your vows to one another, the words are required by law and cannot be altered in any way. You need to ask two people aged over 18 to be your witnesses.

Music and Hymns

You may choose to have our organist play traditional music, or have other live music or recorded music played over our up-to-date sound system. It is your responsibility to contact the organist to discuss the music for your wedding.

The Church organist is Mrs Lyn Edwardson and she can be contacted on 01745 355607.


A rehearsal date will be set, usually during the week leading up to your wedding.

The minimum age for unsupervised bridesmaids and pageboys is six years old. You may have younger children involved, but you must arrange for someone to look after them during the ceremony.

Video recordings.

The music and words of the Service are subject to copyright restrictions and if it is your intention to record the wedding, a video licence needs to be obtained which the Priest needs to see. For information please see


Changes to your plans

If it becomes necessary to postpone or cancel the wedding, please write or speak to the Priest-in-Charge in person. Kindly note that under no circumstances whatever will we accept cancellations over the telephone. If you come along to our vestry office and tell us, in good time, about any change to your plans, any payments already made may, at the discretion of the PCC, be refunded. However, if you don’t come and tell us, we reserve the right not to make a refund.

What do we do next?

We hope that, having read the above, you would like to book St Mary’s for your wedding. If this is the case, please come along to our office vestry at St Mary’s on any Monday evening (except Bank holidays) at 7pm. You will then have the chance to see the church and to speak to the Priest-in-Charge and other members of the ministry team who may be involved in your wedding. You can ask any questions and you will be asked to complete a banns application form, with the details required by law and by the Church.

We are here to help! You are welcome to call into our vestry office regularly during the time when you are planning your wedding. Apart from the payment of fees and vital arrangements, we are pleased to help with any questions you might have – and it is lovely just to get to know you before your big day!